The Jungle Pied-a-Terre

Situated in the center of old-world Stockholm, the furniture, colour scheme and materials in this turn-of-the-century gem are chosen withe one specific goal in mind: Indulgence.
Maybe, it’s just a rumour. But it said the real world is just outside the door. We choose to ignore it; it simply can’t be true.
Would you believe it? It’s already time for yet another nap.
Hey, it’s a jungle out there. Let’s have a party and invite it.
We often ask ourselves: “If you don’t use your coffeetable for high end styling, what’s the point of even having one?”
Here’s hoping your eye sight declines rapidly.
It’s the perfect opportunity to make use of that gorgeous magnifying glass!
It’s a pink kitchen. Let it roll off your tongue.
Stealthily spying on people on the busy street outside is better than watching a movie…
Unless it’s “Casablanca”.