The White Nights Project

All that mattered was time spent with each other. Great meals, good music, scintillating conversation…the rest of the world – be gone!
Plenty of opportunities given to enjoy the bare necessities in this hideaway: Wine, cheese and coffee.

No need to weather the storm, when all you need is right at your fingertips.

Even the It-crowd was represented.
Where do you go for groceries?
You send the husband to the farmer’s market around the corner.
But of course, one is always up for a stroll in the scented summer’s night drizzle to the corner bistro for a light snack.
It was a secret world, and you were the gatekeeper.
Ssssch…just close the drapes and go to sleep to the sound of ”Autumn in New York”, immortalised by Frank Sinatra. In the morning there will freshly baked croissants hot from the oven.
Soothe your senses in the all black marble bathroom…it’s as tranquil as a bottomless sea. And with ample space for treating yourself to a SPA-day.
A good still-life on the bedside table was always a must.