The Estate

The lady with the hamburger is inviting you to stay for a snack.
One should never underestimate the power of a good x-stool arrangement.
One should always keep a discerning eye on the leopard footstool.
It will bite when provoked.
Sunscreen is optional. Smoke screens can come in handy.
Chinoiserie screens are a bare necessity.
What if somebody trips you? That is why you install wall-to-wall sisal carpeting.
And it works metaphorically, too.
At The Estate, Friday is always ON.
A bathroom is just a living room with bath facilities.
The zebra is always the last one to leave the party.
He feels flat all of next day.
Monday: ask me again how I feel about you after waking up in here.
No alarm needed.
The dressing room. Because all your fabulous outfits deserve better.
If you you’ve never tried 100% Egyptian cotton bedding, you’ve never truly lived.
The kitchen – that’s where somebody else feeds you delicious meals everyday, right?
Can’t think of a more perfect spot to store your Brie de Meaux.